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Hillside church of Christ is a group of believers located in Greenville, Texas. Devoted to truth, committed to obedience, and clinging to hope.


What to Expect

Our services may look different than others – no bands or choirs, for example – but that’s because we take our cues straight from God’s Word. 


Contacts & Members

You’ll find people from every walk of life at Hillside, but the one thing that binds us all is our devotion to God. If that’s your goal, you’ll find a home with us.

God’s Love

Beliefs and History

None of us deserve mercy from God, but just because it’s freely given doesn’t mean we live however we want. Our lives are modeled by obedience and love.

We love connecting with people who want to connect with God.

Many churches claim to be a family, but at Hillside, we work hard to embody that every single day. We sing and we pray; we laugh and we cry; we love, we warn, and we teach – just like a family should.

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Latest Sermon

Brady Cook - September 18, 2022

When Jesus Was Afraid

Whether you actually believe Jesus was "scared" in the Garden of Gethsemane or not, His words and His actions were very human -- and, for that reason, very relatable. How He handled those moments was something we could learn from as we go about our work for God.


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We share God’s love in various ways in our homes, local community, and throughout the world.

When Jesus was asked about the two greatest commandments, His response was simple: “Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind…and love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:36-40). With that in mind, our goal is to fulfill both of those commandments by putting our love into action every single day.

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The Power of Josiah’s Reforms…and Mine

By anyone’s estimate, Josiah is one of the top five kings of Judah. His youth, his devotion to God, and his aggressiveness in reforming the nation is impressive — even more so, considering he had virtually no examples to look to for guidance. His father Ammon was an incredibly wicked king — one of the worst that Judah ever served. His grandfather Manasseh was arguably the worst (although he did have a period of repentance at the end of his life that Josiah could’ve emulated). The only substantial source of integrity in his family line was Hezekiah, but considering Josiah

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How Great Thou Art

In the late 1880’s, a Swedish preacher was walking home from his office when he was caught in a violent thunderstorm. The rains came crashing down, the wind picked up, and he thought his life was surely over. Then, just as quickly as the storm sprang up, it was over. The heavens opened up, the sky returned to a bright blue color, and the birds filled the air with sweet music. In recognition of this contrast, he penned the words to a poem called O Store Gud. Several translations and a few bars of music later, and it was entitled

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Is Being a Coward a Sin?

In Revelation 21:8, there are a whole list of sins that will prevent someone from entering Heaven. Many of them are understandable. Immoral people. Liars. Idolaters. Sorcerers. Murderers. But the very first one on the list is surprising: Cowardice? Not only does that idea seem out of place, but it also seems remarkably common. I’ve met lots of people that have fit the other descriptions (only a few murderers, thankfully), but virtually all of us have been guilty of being a coward at one point or the other. Biblical cowardice is different than being scared of a few spiders, though.

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