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Hillside church of Christ is a group of believers located in Greenville, Texas. Devoted to truth, committed to obedience, and clinging to hope.


What to Expect

Our services may look different than others – no bands or choirs, for example – but that’s because we take our cues straight from God’s Word. 


Contacts & Members

You’ll find people from every walk of life at Hillside, but the one thing that binds us all is our devotion to God. If that’s your goal, you’ll find a home with us.

God’s Love

Beliefs and History

None of us deserve mercy from God, but just because it’s freely given doesn’t mean we live however we want. Our lives are modeled by obedience and love.

We love connecting with people who want to connect with God.

Many churches claim to be a family, but at Hillside, we work hard to embody that every single day. We sing and we pray; we laugh and we cry; we love, we warn, and we teach – just like a family should.

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Latest Sermon

Brady Cook - March 12, 2023

24 Hours in Sodom

When Abraham watched the angels descend into Sodom, what went through his mind? What would those next 24 hours be like? Truthfully, spending 24 hours in Sodom is pretty similar to spending 24 hours in pretty much any other major city that has ever existed through time. But rather than just accept the depravity around it, are we going to "stand in the gap" and do something about it? Or will we just go along for the ride as our civilization decays more and more?


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We share God’s love in various ways in our homes, local community, and throughout the world.

When Jesus was asked about the two greatest commandments, His response was simple: “Love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind…and love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:36-40). With that in mind, our goal is to fulfill both of those commandments by putting our love into action every single day.

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“The Sluggishness of the Sloth” (Brady Cook)

A Sermon on Slothfulness TRANSCRIPT: “A very special good morning each and every one of you, I would invite you to open up your Bibles to Book of Proverbs, we’re going to be in chapter six. As we begin, this one will be in Proverbs quite a bit. We’ll be out of Proverbs a little bit, but most of our time will be in that book. So go ahead and open up to that. I want to also be the first person to wish you hopefully the first person to wish you a happy holiday week. This is a holiday

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What is the Point of Philemon?

2 Timothy 3:16 is very clear: ALL Scripture is inspired by God, and ALL of it is profitable for teaching, for reproof, and for correction in righteousness. 99% of the time, I have exactly zero problem believing that. Romans talks about the nature of grace. 1 and 2 Corinthians both talk about carnality and it’s influence on the church. Hebrews talks about the fulfillment of the Old Testament by the New Testament. No problem with that. Every once in a while though, I come across a passage that I have a hard time understanding its purpose. And today, Philemon fits

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Looking For Jesus Beyond the Manger

Today is Christmas, which means everywhere around the world, people are looking for Jesus in a manger. There’s nothing wrong with that. The shepherds and magi both looked for Jesus there, so why can’t we? The Virgin Birth is pivotal to our understanding (and glorification) of Jesus, just like the Resurrection is. But we shouldn’t stop there. We should continue looking for Him past the manger, past the shepherds, and past the cute little nativity scenes that are on just about every street corner in America. We need to look for Him where he wanted to be found – and

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