Dear Older Members,

            I want to thank you for the example that you set, day in and day out. It is encouraging to have such a strong role model in my daily life that I can look to for guidance. When I see how you handle difficulties and the different trials and temptations in your life, it gives me strength to know I can push on and continue. Life is hard, but you are living proof that it is not impossible, and I thank you for that.

            It is so hard to wake up in this time and be the Christian I know God wants me to be. The hallways are filled with language caving in on me, the internet displays things I should not be seeing, and movies are bringing me into a world that is not real. Friends tell me every day that giving in to these things are easier than fighting them, and it is hard not to believe them. They tell me about what goes on after school, before you get home from work, and on Friday and Saturday nights when their parents are out of town. It sounds like so much fun, and I am constantly bombarded with the craving from within to try just a small piece of the action. One time will not hurt, will it?

            I hear you tell me about the sins of the world; what is wrong and how to stay away from it. What I do not understand is the why. Why is it wrong for me to have fun the way my friends do? Tell me what the reasoning is behind them. I can tell them “no,” but I can not go much farther than that.

            I hear you tell me that I should be telling other people of my faith, but how can I when I am the only one that believes it? Do you understand what it is like to stand alone in the middle of a group of people trying to do what is right? Will you tell me how to handle it? Sometimes it is just easier to give up.

            I hear you tell me about a Jesus Christ that loves me, but is it the same kind of love that you have for Mike at services? I heard you tell other people about how much you do not like his tie, and how he is always off-tempo with his song leading. “It would be better if he would just let Jim lead singing, Jim is much better,” is what you said the other day after services. Will you say the same things about me when I start leading singing?

            Please do not forget me. I may sit in between my parents, or at the front with my friends, but I am always watching you. Every move you make is important, and every word of encouragement I cherish. You say we are the church of the future; will you help me make it true?


                                                                                    A Young Person

Last modified: February 2, 2019