Message: “Decide…That Alcohol Isn’t Worth It” from Brady Cook

A message from the series “Decide! (Hillside Theme – 2024).” Nowhere in the Bible does it say that you can’t take a single sip of alcohol, but there are dozens of passages that talk about why you should never start. Talk to anyone that’s seen a life, a family, or a relationship, destroyed by drinking, and you’ll understand why.

Here are four things to consider before you take that first drink.

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Message: “A Church That Grows…Plans Consistently” from Brady Cook

A message from the series “A Church That Grows.” A church that grows makes plans. They don’t just haphazard their way into growth. If we’re going to be the church that God wants us to be, we have to be intentional about what we do as well.

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Message: “The Dangers of Self-Salvation” from Brady Cook

When Peter told the group in Acts 2:40 to “save yourselves from this perverse generation!”, he didn’t mean to die on the cross for your own sins. He meant to come out of that generation and be separate. Be different. Be holy. Be Christians.

Today, a lot of people have a pharisaical mindset in regards to their salvation. They hear what God has to say, then erect additional layers to “safeguard” themselves.

The result is more separation indeed, but often not the type they want.

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Message: “A Church That Grows…Has Vision” from Brady Cook

A message from the series “A Church That Grows.” What does mean that a church has “vision”? In short, it consists of developing a crystal clear idea of what that local church will look like at some point in the future. But if that image isn’t of what God told us to be, then any vision is useless.

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Message: “A Church That Grows…” from Brady Cook

A message from the series “A Church That Grows.” A church that grows is a church that….what? What makes a church grow, and conversely, what makes a church fail? Moreover, what do we mean by “grow” and “fail”?

These are all questions we answer in this introduction to our new quarter on church growth.

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Message: “But It Doesn’t Say Not To!” from Brady Cook

The study of hermeneutics is the study of Biblical interpretation. That may sound like a concept that doesn’t really resonate with us in everyday life, but I promise you you’ve encountered it.

How do I know? Because most of the time, when people defend some Biblical position, they say the phrase: “But the Bible doesn’t say not to!”

That’s a “hermeneutical” position. It’s a phrase that shows how they interpret Scripture. This lesson examines three ways to counter that specific approach.

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Message: “Songs of the Saints (The Shepherd Psalm)” from Brady Cook

A message from the series “Songs of the Saints.” There is probably no more well-known chapter in the entire Bible than Psalm 23. But where as we look at the psalm as a sign of great hope and peace, the nature of the shepherd and the sheep is more…strenuous. It’s filled with correction and guidance, change and progress, despair and hope.

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Message: “Peace Be Unto You” from Brady Cook

When Jesus reappeared after His Resurrection, the very first thing He said to His apostles was “Peace be unto you.”

What did He mean by that? And what peace was He talking about?

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Message: “Songs of the Saints (The Psalm of the Godly Man)” from Brady Cook

A message from the series “Songs of the Saints.” Psalm 1 is seen by many as the gateway to the entire book of Psalms, but how is that even possible? With only six verses, how can it possibly cover enough ground to handle the depth that Psalms provides?

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Message: “Why We Complain” from Brady Cook

Whenever anyone complains, there’s what they say, and then there’s what they really say.

For the Israelites wandering around in the desert for 40 years, there was a lot of complaining: Food, water, boredom, leadership, etc. You name it, they probably complained about it.

But what were they really saying with those complaints? Was it really about the food and water, or was it something deeper?

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