Message: “Living Inside of Grace” from Brady Cook

Grace can be a pretty tricky subject, but it’s relatively straightforward when you view it through the lens of the Old Testament. Or, more specifically, the wilderness wanderings.

God’s demonstration of grace in the world of the Exodus is a good parallel with our grace under the Cross. Rather than run from it, we should live desperately inside of it.

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Message: “Conversations With Jesus (John 13-16 – Part 2)” from Brady Cook

A message from the series “Conversations With Jesus.” The second half of the upper room scene in John’s gospel is rich, comforting, and thick. It’s filled with grand expositions on the Trinity, encouragement concerning the Holy Spirit, and explanations about the coming persecution.

Oh, and the fact that Jesus is coming back. That’s pretty important too.

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Message: “Conversations With Jesus (John 13-16 – Part 1)” from Brady Cook

A message from the series “Conversations With Jesus.” Jesus’ conversation with His Apostles in the Upper Room covers a lot of ground: the Holy Spirit, Judas’ betrayal, love, and the persecution to come.

In addition to that, there are various subplots worth considering, such as the simple fact that Jesus washed Judas’ feet in John 13 — despite knowing that Judas would betray Him.

What can we learn from this conversation in an upper room nearly 2,000 years ago?

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Message: “What Does God Want From Me?” from Brady Cook

Since God is our Creator, it can be difficult to know how best to honor Him. He does give us the instructions (i.e. the Bible), but Micah 6:8 also gives us a great outline: do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with Him.

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Message: “The Thanks (that Leads to) Giving” from Brady Cook

Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks (obviously).

But split the word in half, add a few other words in the middle, and you have a totally different understanding of the word that remains true to the holiday.

Instead of a day of thanks giving, it’s a day of thanks that leads to giving.

The holiday season reminds us to be thankful, which, in turn, spurs us towards greater benevolence and charity to others. This is an attitude we should deliberately manifest in our lives as much as possible.

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Message: “Should I Be Legalistic or Progressive?” from Brady Cook

In a world that constantly struggles over Biblical interpretations, a case is made by many for one or the other.

Instead of a binary interpretation of the Text though, is it possible we can have a little bit of both? A staunch obedience to God’s Word, as well as the wisdom to read it in a modern-day context?

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Message: “Conversations With Jesus (John 9)” from Brady Cook

A message from the series “Conversations With Jesus.” Normally, these classes focus on conversations that Jesus has with others. In this case, this conversation takes place between a blind man and the Pharisees.

It’s remarkably blunt and one that backs the Pharisees into a corner in the same way that Jesus did. Prayerfully, we’ll have the same boldness.

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Message: “God has Chosen the Weak” from Brady Cook

The audience for most of Jesus’ teachings were common people like you and me. The elites — the ones who claimed they knew better than most – brushed Jesus off to the side (when they weren’t harassing Him).

Turns out, this was by design. God’s message was intentionally simple so that everyday people would be able to listen and learn. Those who would rather argue found nothing but silliness — to their own demise.

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Message: “Conversations With Jesus (John 8)” from Brady Cook

A message from the series “Conversations With Jesus.” Jesus’ interaction with the adulterous woman in the Temple is well-known. Her accusers drag her before Jesus (but curiously, not her husband), and demand to know Jesus’ judgment. His response baffles them and makes everyone leave without a single rebuttal.

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Message: “Conversations With Jesus (John 6-7)” from Brady Cook

A message from the series “Conversations With Jesus.” Jesus’ discussion with the Jews in John 6 is notable for its Mosaic themes and emphasis on Jesus’ spirituality. The people in Jesus’ day didn’t get that though, and because of that, left Him completely.

Would I?

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