Three Life-Changing Lessons From Nehemiah

Nehemiah has been used by Christians and executives alike – the first praising him for his faith, and the second for his leadership skills.  But there are a ton of lessons from Nehemiah that have nothing to do with leadership

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Is This Our Year of Jubilee?

Every 50 years, the nation of Israel would pause for an entire year. They didn’t work — they didn’t even prepare to work — and they didn’t harvest.  They didn’t collect debts. They didn’t work their cattle. They didn’t even

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What Can Proverbs Say About My Money?

If you’re going to take financial advice, why not take it from the wealthiest man that ever walked the face of the earth? Better yet, why not take it from the guy who is the wealthiest and the wisest man

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Escaping the Cult of Busyness

The story of Martha and Mary in the Bible has always fascinated me. In Luke 10:38-42, Jesus is at the home of Mary and Martha – two women who, along with their brother Lazarus, are close companions of Jesus. As

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Last modified: January 6, 2023

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