A Plea for Unity in the Body of Christ

Do you know how a piano works? It’s not simple. 88 black-and-white keys that you can press in thousands of different combinations to create a million different sounds, all amplified by three foot pedals that change the tenor or duration

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25 Bible Verses About Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inevitable. Even in the friendliest, most loving churches, there is going to come a time when Sister Honda parks in Brother Short Temper’s parking spot. And when that happens, expect there to be an icy tension in the

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Is Saying “Oh My God” a Sin?

Whether it’s the actual phrase “Oh my God!,” its text equivalent “OMG” or a substitution such as “Oh my gosh!”, at some point, all of us have probably uttered a phrase that is perceived by many to be blasphemous. And

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Five Steps to a Better Bible Class

I love teaching Bible classes. Don’t tell anyone, but I would rather teach 100 Bible classes than do one sermon, and that’s not because I dislike sermons as much as I love teaching Bible class. I love the give and

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Last modified: October 15, 2021

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