Is Saying “Oh My God” a Sin?

Whether it’s the actual phrase “Oh my God!,” its text equivalent “OMG” or a substitution such as “Oh my gosh!”, at some point, all of us have probably uttered a phrase that is perceived by many to be blasphemous. And

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Five Steps to a Better Bible Class

I love teaching Bible classes. Don’t tell anyone, but I would rather teach 100 Bible classes than do one sermon, and that’s not because I dislike sermons as much as I love teaching Bible class. I love the give and

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“But God Knows My Heart”

These days, it’s hard for anyone to approach anyone with a sin that they’ve noticed without either being accused of being judgmental, hypocritical, or both. If both of those defense mechanisms fail, there’s always the trusty standby: “Yea, but God

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Association Without Adaptation

By: Russ Bowman The days leading up to the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus must have been terribly confusing for His apostles.  On the first day of that week, they had walked among the throngs of people who were parading

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Last modified: April 10, 2020

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