Dear Younger Members,

You are right, it is especially hard to be a Christian in these times. Allow me to share some insight into the future: it will be hard when you are older, too. The only solace I can offer is that with time comes experience and knowledge, and these two allies will be some of your greatest weapons in fighting off the “wiles of the devil.” Seeing your face every time we meet, it gives me hope in knowing the gospel is still at work in the hearts of so many people. A comforting thought always has, and always will be, to know that others are working too. Keep up the fight, and one day we will all enter into our rest.

We all try to be the right example to each other, leaning constantly on the assistance of our fellow Christians. That means you too. It may be hard to believe, but I am watching you as you are watching me; learning, adapting, and finding where I can improve my own life. White hairs mean wisdom, not perfection, and I slip from time to time as well. Even when I fail, I look to you for your strength, vitality, and passion for the truth, and it inspires me on to do better.

No matter how old I get, however, I still need to know that you are listening. My bones creak, my breath comes slower, but I have things to say that I know will come in useful. Are you listening? Do you hear me when I give you advice? Do you see the way I help people with what I have? I may not be able to preach like I used to, but rest assured that my other talents, the less noticeable ones, are being used to full capacity. Have you thought about using your’s lately?

I respect your passion, and your zeal for the word of God, but always remember to keep it in perspective. Honor and respect are not out-dated words; they are still very much alive in our worship and service to God. When you follow God, remember Whom it is you are serving. This is the same God who delivered Noah from the flood, Daniel from the Lion’s den, the Israelites from Egypt, and has promised to be with you as well. He demands, and deserves, our undying respect and adoration from a pure and sincere heart. No false pretenses will be accepted; God will judge. You may look good in your three-piece suit, and lead singing with more grace than a man twice your age, but remember the purpose and reason for you being up there.

It is not about you, it is about God.

The person you see sitting in the far left of pew 5 may be the person you see now, but there was a different person occupying that pew 30 years ago.  They were full of energy, life, passion, zeal, and it is because of people like them and me that you are able to enjoy the luxuries you do now. The fight to hold on to pure and sound doctrine has been going on for ages, and my generation dealt with issues that would make your head spin. It is because of the sweat and tears of so many of your older members that you can sit and listen to sermons that will direct you to Heaven, rather than Hell. Those warriors of old, the ones who so valiantly fought Satan and his angels, are the same people who greet you with a smile that faded many years ago, and sit right next to you on pew 5. They deserve your undying gratitude and respect.

Whatever you do, do not forget us. We are here to help you and to guide you with the voice of wisdom. We need you, and remember that you need us as well. We are all brothers and sisters, no matter what the age, and we are here to walk with God together.


An Older Member

Last modified: February 3, 2019