Brady Cook - February 18, 2024

I Will Decide that Marriage is for Life

The word of the year for Hillside is "Decide," and few things are more necessary for us to decide on than that marriage is for life. A lot of people have an "emotionally-based" relationship, where how they "feel" about things dictates how that relationship will go. I have absolutely nothing against emotion in a marriage (it should definitely be there), but I don't think it should be the sole driving determinant in a marriage either. Why? Because when our emotions change, we'll look for something that gives us that same *spark* we once had. Which is a recipe for disaster. When we decide that marriage is for life, however, a few things change. For the better.

From Series: "Decide! (Hillside Theme - 2024)"

The word for Hillside in 2024 is "Decide." Will we choose to follow God, or will we choose to serve ourselves?

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Last modified: February 19, 2024